SMT Inductor Kits

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ATI provides an easy solution for electronic designers in collecting and organizing surface mount inductors, that is SMT Inductor Kits. There aredifferent types of inductor kits that contain different inductors of commonly used values with different quantities. The inductor kits are easy for users toobtain any value of inductors in the shortest time with the highest efficiency.
The inductor kits come with128 individual compartments, each of whichcontains a certain amount of inductors of a certain value. Based on the size of the inductors, there are 74 values and 43 values for 0402 size;there are88 values and 35 valuesfor 0603 size; 85 values are with 0805 size; and 1008 size has 60 values. We also provide customization for different values and quantity, just let us know your requirements. All these values we provide are commonly used ones from renowned inductor manufacturers, thus the quality is ensured. Refill can be easy when the original inductors are used up.

MoreSMD kits are provided in our website,like resistor kits and capacitor kits.
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