Peltier Controller

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Peltier Controller - Photo

Peltier controller is an electric module, which is designed and produced for driving a thermal electric cooler (TEC) to stabilize temperature. Peltier controller has many advantages including compact size, high efficiencyand high reliability. Figure 1 is the physical photo of an actualPeltier controller.

Figure 1. The photo of an actual Peltier controller
In order to avoid the inferences between the controller and other electronics, Peltier controller is packaged in a 6 sided metal enclosure. The Peltier controller is mounted on an evaluation board, and it is noteworthy that the Peltier controller can only be soldered manually on the board by a solder iron at < 310°, but cannot use the method of a reflow oven process. The Peltiercontrollercomes with many interface ports, which users can use to set the required temperature, voltage and current. By using the Peltier controller, many functionscan be realized, thermistor T-R curve linearization, temperature measurement and monitoring, temperature control loop status indication, TEC voltage monitoring, power up delay, and shut down. In addition, there is a compensation network, which is utilized to match with the thermal load characteristics. And because of implementing with external components, the network can be set according to different thermal load.
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