NTC Thermistor- Wind Velocity Measurement

Location SAN JOSE, California
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NTC Thermistor- Wind Velocity Measurement - Photo

NTC thermistors are sensitive to air flow when they are in self-thermal status, so NTC thermistors has potential to measure wind velocity. Under the same temperature and electric condition, such as stable room temperature, provide a constant current to NTC thermistors for self-thermal. Put NTC thermistors in still air, at this time, the terminal voltage is the lowest. Then increase the wind velocity generally, and the terminal voltage increases accordingly. Thatís because the flow air decreases the self-thermal temperature of NTC thermistors, and the resistance increases. More fast is the flow air, more obviously the temperature falls. Vice versa, when we know how much the self-thermal temperature falls by detecting the terminal voltages, we can know the wind velocity. This is the principle of wind velocity measurement.

Physical photo of a typical NTC thermistor
There are various types of NTC thermistor in Analog Technologies, Inc., such as ATH10K1R25 and ATH100K1R25, etc. These NTC thermistors feature long term stability and high accuracy, with high quality.
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