NTC Thermistor Measurement (I)

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NTC Thermistor Measurement (I) - Photo

NTC thermistors are widely used in temperature measurement due to its low cost and characteristics that the resistance changes with the temperature.
Generally, use a NTC thermistor and a precision resistor in series. The resistance change of NTC thermistor is indicated by voltage change, which can enter into the A/D input port of comparator circuit or SCM. Amplification is not necessary, and the circuit is very simple. Besides proper R value and B value, it should take consideration of measuring speed and accuracy when using NTC thermistors.
Ï„a: this value directly reflects the response speed of NTC thermistor. It is not the smaller the better, but it needs comparison and balance. Since Ï„a is related to its packaging size. The Ï„a is small when the packaging size is small, but the mechanical strength is also low; when the packaging size is large, Ï„a is large, while the mechanical strength is high.
Determine current range: The current range can be determined by the maximum non-heating power or dissipation factor provided by the manufacturers.

Physical photo of a typical NTC thermistor
There are various types of NTC thermistor in Analog Technologies, Inc., such as ATH10K1R25 and ATH100K1R25, etc.
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