NTC Thermistor-Dissipation Factor

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NTC Thermistor-Dissipation Factor - Photo

Analog Technologies, Inc. offers a series of NTC thermistors with or without a ring lug, such as ATH10K1R25 and ATH10KL2B, etc.
There is a very important factor in NTC thermistors, dissipation factor. We are looking for the relationship of self-thermal and dissipation factor.
Itís usually in still air to test the dissipation factor of NTC thermistors. Itís often in a glass container. When we do the test, the temperature of the inner glass container should be the same as the room temperature while the air in the room is relatively stable. Firstly, measure the zero power resistance. After removing the glass container, the resistance keeps the same; then measure the dissipation factor. When the self thermal reaches a thermal balance, i.e. the current and terminal voltage of the NTC thermistors keep stable. When removing the glass container, the current or the terminal voltage fluctuate, thus losing the stability. This denotes that the weak same temperature air influences the dissipation factor, but not the zero power resistance. Obviously, self-thermal NTC thermistors are sensitive to the flow air, which is a useful characteristic.

Physical photo of a typical NTC thermistor

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