Main Applications of NTC Thermistor (II)

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Main Applications of NTC Thermistor (II) - Photo

Zero Power Resistance: Zero power resistance is the most basic parameter of NTC thermistors. The resistance given by the manufacturer belongs to zero power resistance. However, ‘zero power’ confuses some customers since zero power doesn’t exist in physical meanings. Actually, the change of the resistance caused by self-heating can be neglected when comparing with the total measurement error. Generally, the zero power measurement of NTC thermistor is made in thermostatic bath, therefore, there are two main factors which influence the measurement error: one is the current through NTC thermistor, and the other is the accuracy of the thermostatic bath. In general, there are many ways to decrease this current, and when the current is reduced to a certain level, it’s the accuracy of the thermostatic bath that influences the total measurement error.

Physical photo of a typical NTC thermistor
There are various types of NTC thermistor in Analog Technologies, Inc., such as ATH10K1R25 and ATH100K1R25, etc. Moreover, we also provide NTC thermistor with a ring lug outside its thermistor head, which is used for easy mounting and fixing. More types of NTC thermistors with high stability and accuracy can be found in our website.
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